Focusing on accessible ecological building practices for the resourceful self builder and conscious developer.

Experimental Charcrete Report

January 01, 2019

An experiment in the material properties and a brief report on the implications of using charcoal as an aggregate for lightweight concrete. The biocarbon content has been compared to the carbon emmissions used in the production of the cement in the material. With thanks to the Oxford Charcoal Company for supporting the experiment.

Carbon Sequestration as an architectural strategy

January 01, 2019

An essay and literature review exploring the implications of sequestering carbon in buildings and the relationship of those activities to the carbon cycle and global climate.

Practical Roundwood Timber framing

April 05, 2018

A practical essay on roundwood timber framing that includes techniques explored with Simon Dale

Woodchip Light Clay Experimental Report

April 05, 2018

An Experimental report on Woodchip Light Clay wall constructions.

Breathable Construction

April 05, 2018

Documenting the nature of moisture behavior in modern buildings and a variety of approaches and materials employed to control humidity in housing.

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